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Gutenberg Editor Vs. Classic Editor

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Is the Gutenberg WordPress Editor really easier for the users compared to the WordPress classic editor? With the release of WordPress 5.0, all sites are using this new editor by default, but you still have the options for using the WordPress Classic Editor instead. This means the choice of the editors is yours.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg introduces a brand new writing experience radically your WordPress-powered site. It will radically change the way you create a page, posts, pages and everything else on your site. While it offers a number of advantages, such as mobile responsiveness. It also built on drag and drop page builders. This means you can place a block anywhere on a post or page and the other blocks will shift accordingly. If you tend to use customized block frequently, converting it into a reusable block can be very beneficial for you. This will allow you to reuse the same customized block to your future posts without starting to tailor a block from scratch all over again.

There are seven major block categories on Gutenberg WordPress editor. You have to familiarize the blocks under seven different categories. These are the Inline elements, Common Blocks, Formatting, Layout Elements, Widgets, Embeds, Reusable(in case you have saved reusable blocks).  

The pros and cons of Gutenberg

The debate over Gutenberg is complex, and people have their own unique reasons for supporting and arguing against it. However, let’s sum up a few of the new editor’s potential pros and cons.


  • Gutenberg editor is an innovative drag and drops design tool, with lots of helpful features.
  • Provide more options to customize your content, through a variety of discrete elements.
  • The Gutenberg editor allows you to add quality images than the previous editor.


  • Backward compatibility issues of the plugin might effect in the codes and functionality of Gutenberg WordPress editor.
  • Although the intention is to provide an intuitive interface, it may actually be harder to learn.
  • The problem though is Gutenberg’s incapability to change the font size or font colors of the selected words or phrases.

Furthermore, one of the best parts of the Gutenberg WordPress Editor is there are tons of keyboard shortcuts available. To open the full list of keyboard shortcuts use the Shift + Alt + H shortcut.

There are 26 usable shortcuts at the moment. Some of which are basics while some are totally new and are not easy to memorize.

On the other hand, previous basic shortcuts in the classic editor are not working well with the Gutenberg Editor.

Comparison between the Classic Editor and the Gutenberg Editor

There are major differences in a writing interface between Classic Editor and Gutenberg Editor. Gutenberg completely changes the editing experience by moving to the block-based approach to content.

When it comes to adding images, embedding contents, and creating complex elements the Gutenberg editor is Undeniably way better than the Classic editor. Tons of new functionalities are being offered and the way of execution can be easy as the idea of the drag and drop feature.

In addition, the new block editor includes a few different modes that let you change the editing experience.  

While you can add a fixed Toolbar like TinyMCE editor, put a “spotlight” on the active block, and also you can go to full-screen mode.

Wrapping Up

Adopting with the changes is something that is not required. One still has the right to choose to work with the Classic Editor plugin after the full implementation of the Gutenberg editor. What we do know is that Gutenberg has come as part of WordPress 5.0. It also has some drawbacks, such as lack of accessibility and the potential to cause compatibility errors.


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