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Best Social Digital Marketing SEO tools

Best Digital Marketing Tools for Business

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Marketing helps to promote business and here some best digital social and SEO marketing tools they are listed below it helps to promote their product in a digital market or it gives you a technique for marketing. While its tools are those techniques and material who are involved in the promotion of goods and services. However, digital marketing tool helps a company to connect with customers in different ways. First of all, we have to make sure that which type of product is useful for the market. Due to technology most of all people are engaged in the digital market l and popular techniques are Social media and SEO. 

Here are the top digital marketing tools which can help your business to improve the results of your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Social Media Tools
  • SEO Tools
  • Pay Per Click Tools
  • Content Marketing Tools
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Data and Analytics Tools

Social Media Tools

Social media are computer-based technologies that create or facilitate new ideas, sharing information, ideas, career interest or other forms of expression. There are many social media tools for digital marketing. Furthermore, social Media creates communication between the company and the targeted audience. Its main objective is to promote the brand, build preference and increase sales through digital media.

Here’s the list of some social media sites which are used for digital marketing:

Google Trends

Another tool which let you see the latest trends or data from Google and find out what’s trending right now in the market.

Twitter Social Media

Twitter is a recent popular online social media. It promotes your brand name, websites URL and logo etc. Twitter generate leads, build community, create a positive opinion, provide support.

LinkedIn Social Media

LinkedIn is the best online social media place where you can add company page followers. Although you can sponsor your best content, establish a partnership, create brand awareness and makes an invaluable addition to digital marketing strategy.

Pinterest  Social Media

Pinterest online social media allows adding 20-30 keywords to promote the product, you can use feature multiple products in one pin, to include text overlay on images, to give more word descriptions.

Facebook Ads Social Media

A Facebook ad is an online social media as visual, it is relevant, it creates a value proposition, you can add multiple images to your ads.


Planable is a platform for social media managers, agencies, freelancers and marketing teams. It’s the most visual platform to transform your creative ideas into social media posts, brainstorm right in the platform, get feedback, make sure the post is approved by your teammates and schedule the posts directly to social media.

SEO Tools

SEO tools help to increase the number of visitors to a website. Search engine optimization is a strategy or techniques to increase the visitors or obtain a high ranking placement in the search results page of the search engine.

Here’s the list of some SEO tools for digital marketing:


SEO is the most popular technique. You can learn everything about your competitors with the Ahrefs Site Explorer. As a result, you can get the opportunity to find the most wanted content on the web market so, you can also share your content.


Another tool for SEO Seobility optimizes your website and makes it better. It checks the website and reports broken link, it alerts you to any error or problem via email.

Long Tail Pro

Popular SEO media helps to track your content performance against a competitor to calculate the profitability of your keywords, automates the optimization process to leave the guesswork out of getting results.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush SEO tool uses the full search report to find relevant alternative search queries for alternative targeting. It helps you to adopt keywords to international regions by offering 28 regional keyword databases.


With Pitchbox, you can find targeted opportunities for outreach and build a relationship with influencer, blogger and subject matter experts. It helps to generate buzz in the press and social media, build links and improve ranking.


SEOquake tool will show you the ranking of your competitors. It helps you to perform day to day task, also provides in-depth analysis that is very clear and easily incorporates into your digital marketing strategy. 

Pay Per Click Tools

Pay Per Click Tools is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to a website. It is the type of model in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. Many websites can offer PPC ads. Many social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have also adopted Pay Per Click tool for their advertising model.

Here’s some Pay Per Click tools for digital marketing:


Improve conversions


 Create landing pages

Content Marketing Tools

 Content marketing is a technique for strong SEO method creating or distributing content to attract a targeted audience. Although it is used by business to attract attention and generate leads, increase online sales. These tools help to engage in an online community of users. Furthermore, Content marketing tools help to increase brand awareness. List of some content marketing tools are below:


Find quotes, answer questions, explain complex topics etc.


Leveling the playing field, revealing the topics, find influencers etc.


Discover daily opportunities to be a source to journalists interested in your expertise.


A place to read, write and interact with the stories.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is social media used to promote product and services in digital marketing. Its tools help to develop a relationship with the customer/clients. Although it is one of the segments of digital marketing also. Marketer use email marketing tool to create a brand image, send a text or many marketing activities.

Here’s the list of some email marketing tools for digital marketing:


It comes with some amazing marketing automation tools which allow you to create smart automated campaigns. With a drag and drop builder, you can create campaigns, segment contacts, and send content designed for specific groups. However, these tools help you to create effective campaigns to boost your profits.


They offer a very easy to use interface with great tools and awesome support. So, it integrates beautifully with WordPress, Magento and many other platforms.


It creates smarter email marketing campaigns. It allows you to segment contacts based on their actions, location, behavior and social data.


The tools are easy to use and enable us to create emails that continually improve our sale performance.

Data and Analytics Tools

Data analytics is a technique where business will take all available information regarding the market and come up with a marketing plan. It includes a customer survey, product price or advertising too.

The list of some data analytics tools are as below:

Microsoft Excel

While it allows the marketer to analyze, interpret, report and present their data in a structured way. It provides a better presentation of data, manages campaigns better, schedule marketing activities.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics helps you to find out where your visitors are coming from, how much time they spend on the site and their geographic description. However, it tracks the traffic to your website along with the performance of a various web page.

Google Search Console

It helps you to know people interest, monitoring your website, find out whether your website is currently receiving search traffic or not, check the impression or position boxes.

Sage Live

It built the salesforce platforms, make a real-time decision fast, eliminates manual processing. It removes the barriers between front and back office. However, SagaLive built on the Salesforce platform allowing for one version of the truth from sales and financial data in real-time.

While the above all list is just a small selection of the best digital marketing tool available in the modern marketer. The above tools can help to grow a business in digital marketing. Although digital marketing is also known as internet marketing (eg: Branding, Web design, content marketing, and App development too). Furthermore, nowadays digital marketing is taking place everywhere. Above all tools are useful for digital marketing.

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Kabita Pokharel

Kabita is a blogging enthusiast, WordPress lover, and digital marketing expert. Her professional expertise helps many small businesses to grow up their sales and visitor.

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  1. Nice Article! Thanks for Sharing.
    At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. I have use a tool called AeroLeads and it’s really helped a lot for my business growth.

  2. Hello Kabita,
    Excellent resources I must say. I am an online entrepreneur and these mentioned tools are like gold for my work. It’s like hidden treasures which are so precious to use. I always prefer Google trends to keep update my digital marketing skill and I also use Mail Chimp, Buffer and Co Schedule for the betterment of my work.

  3. It’s a really helpful list!
    Maybe you could include one more social media tool – Snoopreport It tracks user actions on Instagram as likes, comments and follows and provides weekly and monthly reports with metrics that help to research user insights and update social media marketing campaign.

  4. Hello There. I discovered your weblog using msn. That is an extremely smartly written article.
    I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info.

    Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  5. Thanks for such a relevant information. This blog will really help every digital marketer at the beginner stage. Looking forward to more relevant blogs from the page.

    According to me, some Tools are also necessary for the Digital Marketing purpose.

  6. Great Blog, Thanks for sharing valuable information, this digital marketing strategy helps me to get more traffic to my website or improve my page ranking.

  7. Hello Kabita Pokharel,
    Thanks for sharing such a informative article….

    I found this article on Google, that is really helpful, i use many Digital Marketing tools that you provided but did not use Aeroleads ever, now after reading this article i am going to use provided tools for my Digital Marketing campaigns.


    At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. I have use a tool called AeroLeads and it’s really helped a lot for my business growth.

  8. Thanks for sharing your tips in the form of post. every business owners need such tips. As a furniture business owners I found your post very suitable for me and my business to generate more leads via Social Media. Amazing tips. Valuable Post. I will try to follow your tips for my carved wooden furniture business. There is a great post and nice article.

  9. Yes all of these are great tools. Another one that we like to use for SEO purposes is its like a combination of several different tools (ahrefs, moz, semrush) another usefully tools for domain auction shopping is Register compass. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the article

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Before it is possible to understand the different strategies and marketing tools that are available, it is important to identify what online marketing is and how it promotes a business.

  11. Great Blog, Thanks for sharing valuable information, this digital marketing strategy helps me to get more traffic to my website or improve my page ranking.

  12. Google trends are one of the best marketing tools that help the business owners to find the trendy search queries that provide them a chance to make investments and to work accordingly for sake of profit and successful business marketing.

  13. I am a Digital marketing trainer and consultant at “Quibus” and will love to tell you that this list of tools is amazing, I am glad you included Medium in your list. out there is the best website to share content and read amazing blogs.
    I will also like to tell readers that medium is a high authority platform which Google loves. SO you can publish your optimized content on medium and it will definitely rank.
    Also, Ahref and SEMrush are the best tools for competitor analysis and other SEO practices

  14. Nice article,
    thank you for sharing such a great information about
    Social Media Tools
    SEO Tools
    Pay Per Click Tools
    Content Marketing Tools
    Email Marketing Tools
    Data and Analytics Tools
    And tips and tricks for generate traffic on our website.
    How content marketing is useful It is a technique for strong SEO method etc.

  15. Thanks! It was a very nice article, as i’m a student it helped me to understand what is digital marketing how it works and what are the several tools in Digital Marketing. And how to do digital marketing properly and efficiently.

  16. I read your full article and I extremely enjoyed your method for composing. You clarify all focuses in extremely basic way,it will extremely accommodating. This Tools are so useful for computerised marketing.Do keep Posting.Thank you

  17. Hey dear, Thanks for your great article. “Planable” tool is new to me. I didn’t know about this tool before. So I am blessed to find your blog.

  18. Well said.!
    You are discussed a very informative knowledge about Digital marketing..
    Because the only Way to get a 40% traffic through digital marketing …these strategies are very helpful for our company .
    thanks for sharing this …!

  19. I found some of your tools are very important for an online marketer. I also get introduced with a couple of new tools. Thanks for sharing such a kind of awesome article. Keep updating us always.

  20. Thanks! It was a very nice article, as i’m a student it helped me to understand what is digital marketing how it works and what are the several tools in Digital Marketing. And how to do digital marketing properly and efficiently & to generate traffic on our website& i will say you are doing great work keep doing

  21. Thank you for this nice article.
    Social media are interactive technologies though which audience can sharing their ideas, interest, queries and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. And business man also learn the best use of social media marketing in order to easily connect with the audience which help in promote their business.

  22. Great compilation, Kabita! Most of them are known digital marketing tools but the list contains some new social media tools. I am surely going to try them, keep sharing such great list.

  23. Dear Kabita,
    That is a wonderful post. SEMrush and Ahrefs are great tools.I am using them after i have read your post. But I need to know about new Google Search Console interface. I don’t find many feature.

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