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Facebook Vs Twitter

Facebook Vs Twitter – Which Is Better for business

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When you are going to promote your business on the social media site the first thing that comes to your mind is either Facebook or Twitter. Because these are the most popular social media platform to promote your business. Facebook and Twitter both are the famous top social media site in the business world. You don’t have to choose the better just choose that which is better for your specific goals. Choosing the right social media is the success key for your online marketing. Although both are the best to promote your business in online marketing.

Pros of Facebook for business

Low cost

This marketing strategy for business is more effective. Business can sign up for free on facebook. This is very useful for the start-up business. Although marketing is necessary for business because without marketing people will unable to know about your product. Nowadays many people are engaged in social media. It can provide a million targeted customers which can be potential customers.

Share business information

Facebook share a basic information about your business. Your Facebook page is where you can publish your business name, address, contact details and about your product and services. You can include your business purpose, product information, quality etc.

Customer service and feedback

Your customers on Facebook are communicating with your business. You can communicate with them through messaging and deal with them. Reviews and comments will be a great way to gather customer feedback and find the areas to solve and improve.

Facebook likes can be raised awareness

Those people who like your Facebook pages will receive the updates made by the business. Even it can be shared with their friends and they will also know about your business.

It builds brand loyalty

Besides building a customer it builds the loyalty of your brand loyalty. If you constantly provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers will be loyal to your business product and even you did any mistake they will stay loyal to your business.

Pros of Twitter


Twitter is great for direct interaction with followers and people with whom you want to follow. This social media site is very popular and many top businessman or famous people are engaged in it. This is the best way to gather people and interact with them.

It has limited texting

Twitter is simple, it has limited characteristics and content. At this point, you can write ta exact thing short and sweetly so that customers can easily understand.

Brand identity

Twitter helps to set the brand identity. Most of the people are engaged on twitter so that it helps to create the best identity. It helps to communicate your brand personality.

Widely accessible

Twitter app is widely using in today’s world. Twitter exists on the mobile phone tablets also so, it is giving you an opportunity to maximize your audience to the multiple platforms.

Management of time

Maximizing your Twitter account effectively can become a full-time job. It will manage your time. This is a feed which is extensively used to promote content or products.

Although both are social media platform and both channels help you to promote your business.
Facebook is better for the following reason;
– It has a large number of users
– You can post how much you want
– There is no texting limit
– It gives the personal touch to your business

In the other side Twitter is better for the following reason;
– Write short but fact things which can easily understood
– Create brand awareness
– Marketing of new products
– Analysis of customers

Wrapping Up

We must say that Twitter and Facebook are the most essential social media platform to share your thoughts, products or anything related to your business. These both social media platforms deliver the information in very different ways. Furthermore, the bottom line is that, when compared, they really cannot be compared. The best way to take a advantage of social networking is to use both Facebook and Twitter and treat each as a separate entity with the potential to reach markets in very different ways.

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