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How to Choose a Best WordPress Theme – Things You Should Consider

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Choosing the best WordPress theme is one of the biggest challenges for beginners. There are thousands of WordPress themes either free or premium. Each theme looks better than others. How do you choose the best theme for WordPress?

Most beginners feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a theme for the WordPress site. Although you have to spend some quality time hunting the theme which fits your blog and your style and focus on what will be the best for you. Your theme is the face of your WordPress site so that you have to choose the best WordPress theme to look your site stunning.

The very first criteria you should consider is the type of your site. Just like: If you have a news website you have to choose a news Magazine Theme. This helps you to narrow down your search and you end up picking a theme which matches your website and liked by your users.  

In this article we will share some points you should consider, so you can choose the best WordPress themes for your site. Let’s take a look for some most important points.

1. Responsive Design

Before choosing the theme you have to consider that the theme has a responsive design or not. A responsive theme will ensure your content is readable on all screen size (mobile, tablet or desktop). Many users are switching devices from desktop computer to tablets and mobile phones so your websites have to display properly on each one. So that you have to choose a Responsive WordPress Theme for your website. 

2. Easy Customization

WordPress theme should be easy to customize. There are many themes available which are easy to modify according to your requirements. While you can create a diverse layout without any knowledge of coding or CSS. Some of the themes come with advanced options but it still may not include the functionality you’re looking for. So that you have to spend time trying demo versions. However, the variety of functionality is not an essential part of each theme.

3. Browser Compatibility

Your user will be using different browsers. The theme may look perfect on the browser you use but there might be something is broken in other browsers. Therefore, make sure the WordPress theme you’re thinking about appears well across different browsers. Although they may clearly mention this on their website. But if they don’t then you can test by trying it on different browsers such as a popular Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

4. Customer Support   

While the one downside of using the free theme is there is no guaranteed support. Thus some developers provide excellent support for their free themes, but many free themes have no support option. Although make sure that developer updates the theme on the regular basis according to the WordPress latest version. Also, it must support the new features of the updated version like widgets, tags etc. However, you have to choose either free or premium themes which have the best customer support. 

5. SEO Friendly   

This is another thing that you have to consider before choosing the theme. While the WordPress themes play the crucial roles in your website. A good looking theme can still generate poorly coded HTML, this could affect your site’s performance on search engines. Moreover, look at the description of each theme to find out if it’s optimized for SEO. But as you can’t trust the descriptions all the time, you can check them manually. To optimize for the SEO, developers have had to include a valid HTML code that will work for you.

6.Plugin Compatible

Before choosing the theme make sure that the theme will work well with plugins that you need. When it comes to free items, you can simply test the compatibility. But if you are about to pay for a premium item, don’t hesitate to ask the developer for more info and their willingness to help with possible compatibility issues. While there are plenty of WordPress plugins for every website. Make sure that your WordPress theme supports all popular Plugins.

7. Translation Ready

There are a large number of the WordPress site, but all are not in the English language. You may be creating a website other than the English language. Make sure that the WordPress theme is translation ready. So that any hard-coded English text in the theme can be translated to your native language with ease.

8. Customer Reviews and Feedback  

Customer reviews and feedback plays an important role while choosing a WordPress theme. It is the solid indicator to know about the quality of WordPress theme. If you find that the overall customer base is frustrated and can’t get the theme to work, then you should steer clear. While there are plenty of themes on the market that have stellar customer reviews. So check out the reviews and feedback and choose the best WordPress theme. Choose the great customer review theme.  

9. Speed and Lightweight

Fast page-loading speed does not just improve the general user experience of a website but has also been confirmed to improve search engine rankings, conversion rates and, thus, online revenue. The user of your website always wants a fast loading website. Quick loading websites perform better on every front: higher search engine ranking, superior user experience, and better user engagement. Most importantly, fast loading websites deliver higher conversions and higher online revenue. So that you have to choose the fast loading theme for your website.

10. WordPress Standard Codes

WordPress themes code should be fully secured and optimized. The theme should have done proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Make sure that the developers are active contributors to WordPress theme review and WordPress core. The theme should always be updated as things changes in WordPress. That will help to give a perfect WordPress theme for your website. Choose the theme if the code’s well organized and contains some inline documentation.

11. Eye-catching Colors, Font and Designs   

While you have to be careful in your choice of colors. The wrong ones can be distracting and off-putting, leading your audience to leave and go somewhere else instead. On the other hand, don’t choose fonts that could end up too hard for your customers to read. Although as much as you want your website to look interesting, your main goal is to make it easy for visitors to navigate your site. Therefore, you should choose a theme which has eye-catching colors, fonts, and designs. 

12. Simple Design

While you don’t have to be complex and confuse yourself more. Simplicity can go a long way. Some WordPress themes have many colors, complicated layouts, and flashy animations etc. It may be so that you may require these things, nevertheless most probably you will not need all of these. Although you should be certain that the selected themes presentation style tends not to be overly complicated.

13. Start With a Free Theme

While nothing you want in life is free, but WordPress provides you great themes on WordPress Theme Directory. WordPress does an excellent job of vetting these themes, which are submitted by third-party developers, to make sure that the code is up to snuff. To start, do a search to find free themes that match your sites criteria and then check out their demos to get a sense of how the theme would look with your content.

14. More Features

If you want to choose the best WordPress theme you should consider the more features. Thus you can create SEO friendly, great coding and a fast website.

Wrapping Up

There are many great themes available in the WordPress Theme Directory. While the themes are free to use and you can check the demo of the theme and can use for your website. Although if you want more features on the theme, you can buy the premium version of the theme. So that you can get more features that could fit in your website.

Furthermore, you can use free themes also. Free themes are great for those on a budget, but there will be some common problems with them. Like: many are not updated regularly, many are abandoned completely, there is no support for most of them, the quality of the coding is not always ideal. For these reasons it is best to use the premium theme where you get the features that you want. After running through that list you should be ready to select the theme that fits your website. 

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