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Starcat Reviews – A Complete Introduction

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Reviews are an amazing way for businesses to build trust. In eCommerce, this is even more true. Starcat Reviews is an amazing WooCommerce Review Plugin that helps you in four ways. First, in collecting reviews. Second, in improving the quality of the reviews and the level of detail you get in your reviews. Third, in sharing your reviews so you get more eyes on your brand. And finally it helps you get more sales to your WooCommerce Store. In short, Starcat Reviews is an awesome tool for you to get your WooCommerce business to the next level.

Reasons for WooCommerce Reviews:

  1. Get More First Time Customers: According to a recent Pew Research survey, 82% of US adults said they sometimes read online reviews and 40% said they almost always read reviews before purchasing products from a website for the first time.
  2. Get Regular Customers: According to the same survey, over 67% of weekly shoppers bought from stores with reviews over stores that without. Weekly shoppers read reviews even while shopping for different products from the same store.
  3. Get Organic and Social Traffic: Reviews, when made easy to share, are an excellent way to get authentic social presence. Brands often share excellent and honest reviews that engage with their audience more than any well-designed post. Using Google Rich Snippets is an excellent way to get additional traffic and leads to your website. Rich Snippets are much more engaging and they get a lot more traffic.
  4. Build your Brand: Brand is what people feel about your products and company. According to Pew Research, 39% share their feelings online about a product or company. This is an excellent way to Build a Brand.

Problems with WooCommerce Reviews

Most people use the default WooCommerce Reviews feature that’s built-in. But here are some of the problems they face.

Collecting Reviews 

Having a review feature is one thing and your users actively using it is another. Most people find it hard to get a good quantity of reviews with respect to their traffic or sales. It’s easy to attribute that to users’ lack of enthusiasm or willingness to spend time to write a review. 1-in-10 people said that they would be willing to write an online review, but in reality, you might not see 1-in-10 people writing a review on your website.

Review Quality and Details 

Most often even the reviews you get might just say “excellent product’ or “bad” and similar one or two worded comments. This does not always help, sometimes you might want to know which aspect of the product people felt was excellent or why they did not like the product. A good business gets as much feedback as it can and they try to fix or improve their product or service using that.

Sharing Reviews

Reviews are only good as long as people read it. Business owners would love to show their reviews to as many people as possible. When you are getting started on your business and do get enough traffic or have a minimal social presence, you need a way to distribute your reviews to a larger audience without needing to spend countless hours on it. As a business owner starting up, your time is precious and needs to be well spent.


WooCommerce Reviews gives you a basic reviews feature. It gives you no way to integrate with the various other plugins like multi-vendor plugins, LMS plugins, membership or such. This is a problem for people running a little more elaborate eCommerce business than a simple store.

How Starcat Reviews solves them

Collecting Reviews

Email Notification

According to another research, 70% of the people said that they would write a review of a product if asked. This leads us to the best way to get reviews, ask people for reviews. Starcat Reviews lets you automate the process of asking for reviews at the right time to improve your chance of getting reviews. The way and approach to get emails is also fine-tuned to get more reviews for you.

Discount Coupons

With Starcat Reviews, you can offer your customers Discount Coupons when they submit reviews. Your customers can use this discount coupon for the next time they buy from your store. This leverage helps more people submit their reviews. This also has an impact on recurring purchases from your store.

Recently Purchased Products Widget 

Starcat Reviews also offers reminders in the form of Recently Purchased Products widgets, which are shown to your customers who are on your website. This is another touch-point which along with rewards like discount coupons make it easier for your customer to leave reviews.

Review Quality and Details

Multi-Criteria Reviews

Starcat Review comes with Multi-criteria ratings along with reviews. That means, your users can rate your product on multiple criteria like material, fit, price, shipping, etc. You can add your own criteria for your products. This improves the level of detail and the quality of feedback you get. The higher the level of detail, the more likely it is that your potential customers are impressed.


reCAPTCHA is a Google CAPTCHA technology to prevent spam. It’s super easy to enable reCAPTCHA for your WooCommerce Reviews and stop spam in its tracks.

Review Permissions 

With Starcat Reviews, you have the power to control who can review your WooCommerce products. You might want only customers who have bought an item to review the product. Or you might want users with specific user roles to review your items if you use WooCommerce in the catalog mode. In all such scenarios, you could use Starcat Reviews’ Settings to configure things to your needs.

Review Popup

Non-intrusive popup cards to the lower left of the screen are shown when your customers visit your store. This card contains a single review with rating, name, photo and the time lapsed. This method of showing popups has proven to increase the customer’s sense of urgency to purchase products.

Sharing Reviews / Promoting

Google Rich Snippets /

Google Rich Snippets are an excellent way to get your reviews and brand before a large audience. Starcat Reviews comes with inbuilt compatibility and hence helps your website feature in Google Rich Snippets. Note that Google considers websites with good authority for Rich Snippets. if your website is very new or if it does not garner any authority for the specified keywords, then even having a good schema alone might not work.

Social Sharing

Starcat Review will have an automated social sharing integration available soon. This will help you publish your reviews on social media without you doing anything (except setting it up). This will help you build a social presence for your brand, and bring more interested people to your website.


Multi-vendor Marketplace

Starcat Reviews will also soon let your vendors manage their reviews and respond to them. If a product sold by a vendor is reviewed by a customer, then the vendor will be notified and he can choose to respond to the review.

WooCommerce Membership and Subscription

Starcat Reviews will soon let you have specialized review features for membership, subscription and user profile based reviewing.

Though we have only talked about reviews for WooCommerce, in addition, Starcat Reviews lets you,

  1. Add Author reviews to any post type
  2. Add User reviews to any post type
  3. In the future, will integrate many other review related features


If you need a review solution for your Woocommerce store or anything related to WordPress, we would love for you to try Starcat Review Plugin’s free trial. Currently, we have a special offer of a 50% discount for the main plugin, addons, and all our bundles.

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