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    Hi there
    I am looking to install the Eggnews Demo. My only issue is that I have been using my website for years and I want all the content to transfer over to the new theme/demo. If I install the demo, will all my current content be transferred over, or will it ONLY be the demo content? And how can I easily remove the demo content and have JUST my content? Really worried I might make a mistake and lose everything! Please help! Thank you



    Hello @yainni07 🙂
    Please do not use demo content for this 🙂 We have to do manual setup your website 🙂 First, please backup your database and second install our eggnews theme and we will help you to setup your theme with existing content don’t worry 🙂 We can talk on our live chat system 🙂 Our team is always available for help you 🙂
    If you have any other further query, please let us know 🙂 We are always ready to help you )
    ThemeEgg Team 🙂



    Hi, I tried to chat to you on the live chat system, but had no reply for hours. So wait – what will happen if I install the demo? Can you explicitly outline the steps for me? I have already downloaded the theme, but it does not look anything like demo, so then I go and download demo and install that? I want to know if I install demo, will this delete my current content? Or will it merge it?



    Steps one: Backup your database for your website safety
    -> Install This plugins on your site
    -> Go to Settings >> Updraftplus Backups and Click On Backup Now

    Steps Two: Install Demo Content
    -> Install ThemeEgg ToolKit plugins on your site
    -> Go to Appearance >> Import Demo Content and Import data

    Our Demo Importer Plugins will not override or delete your data but Backup your data for your safety.

    If you have any query let us know feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you.
    ThemeEgg Support Team

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