how can i update my theme after I paid?

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    Hussein Eissa

    You paid $49.00 USD to
    Bivek Karki

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    For your purchase on October 30, 2018


    Miteri Pro WordPress Theme – Single Site

    $49.00 USD


    $49.00 USD

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    $49.00 USD

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    VISA x-6551

    The transaction will appear on your statement as PayPal * PAYPAL *BIVEK KARKI

    Hussein Eissa

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    Bivek Karki

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    Hussein Eissa

    please tell me how can i update my theme
    Thank you



    Hello Hussein Eissa,
    Thank you for purchasing Miteri Pro theme.
    Please download Miteri Pro theme from this link and download latest version zip file and upload it. (Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload zip file there.)

    After Uploading complete please go to Appearance >> Themes >> Miteri Pro and activate Miteri pro theme from there.

    Note: Please do not post your receipt number and invoice id publicly. Please remove receipt number and invoice and from this post.(You can send receipt number and invoice id on our chat support but not on support forum)

    ThemeEgg Support Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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