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    Radiant Farms Keto marinara sauce which a serving is a quarter cup but I only put no serving was a half a cup I only put a in and I changed that and added said I had two so it made it five points and then before dinner I was hungry and I was like I’m gonna have a rice cake now I haven’t had anything like that in a long time so my husband I packed two of these in his lunch every day he loves the is the caramel or the chocolate one of these was two points I think or was at one point it might have been two points it was good so I had that and then dinner we had steak which is zero points and we had the cauliflower tops which it’s one point per top like a serving size is six pots six points so all my points were gone and I even had I think one of my weekly points like I even ate over a point so yeah but what’s so funny is my husband

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