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    Organa keto
    Also, all potential buyers are advised not to select a specific model based on performance or appearance, but also on the intensity of emission – this is determined by the so-called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) – the maximum energy absorbed by the substance based on unit weight).
    In Europe, the SAR limit is currently set to 2 W / kg in ten grams of tissue. Specific SAR values for each mobile phone should be included with the phone in the basic package; You can also find them on the internet, of course, or you can find them in mobile stores.The UK government has already commented on the latest survey. Although his representatives acknowledge the potential risk, he does not agree that the Swedish analysis should be final. There will be more research needed. “Handcuffing” about whether a cell phone is harmful to the human body is likely to continue, so far you can defend yourself – for example, by purchasing a lightweight handsfree kit that doesn’t need to hold a cellphone when you call it directly to your ear. “Is the microwave safe safe?” I am often asked by patients and people at the lectures. Many people believe that microwave radiation harms human health or severely affects food composition.

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