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    Keto 6TM
    Lose weight or arrive and the role of the brain The human brain is the control mechanism – the software – of our body. Via the nerves or the bloodstream, for example, the brain receives signals (stimuli) to which it subsequently responds. A pain stimulus through the nerve or bloodstream causes a reaction in the brain, so that “recovery troops” can take up in the sore spot. The brain also receives other stimuli, such as being hungry or being saturated. The hormones that mainly play a role in losing and gaining weight can be broadly divided into three groups, namely: the appetite-stimulating hormones (they cause hunger or hunger through the brain); the hormones that ensure fat storage and prevent fat breakdown; the hormones that give a feeling of satiety. The hormones that induce appetite The following hormones stimulate appetite: neuropeptide Y (NPY = C190H287N55O57) ghrelin (C149H249N47O42) cortisol (C21H3005)

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