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    eight o manage them at their Jason understanding they went on burns probably about three months ago but lord knows that the way that I receive because I didn’t expect to bring it back these pants when I saw your girl get back to me because it’s time to do a quic Kohls coupons
    k tutorial okay so you’re looking from their system okay apparently they have discontinued this p so they’re going here and see what they have I just want some pie it says that’s all I want I want something within the range that I actually paid for so I’ll be a satisfied customer so we’re gonna walk back to the back and take a look at the pots it that’s and gentlemen just call her back to customer service about yep going back to pots and pans yeah no I’m trying to talk on this music right so we’ll have no problems when I was tough but uh oh my goodness why do playing music okay so he found something I see I think the next one that I purchase I’m gonna guessing that capital on

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