Is this theme 'responsive' ?


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    First i wish you an Happy New Year !!!

    Is there a way to make this theme responsive ? I installed it on this site:
    However is doses not look responsive. I would like this theme recover 80% (or any value) on the screen.
    I tried to modify the education master css (.edm-container) for a local site like this:

    .edm-container {
    width: 80%;
    margin: 0 auto; }

    It seems to work for the page but does not work as expected for the menu.

    Best Regards.


    Prabin Shrestha

    Yes Education master is responsive theme. you mean that your site works responsive on page but not on nav menu when it toggles. For this you can change the location of the social sharing plugin that you are using on your website. The area where you are using social sharing plugin is for Nav menu for responsive view.



    Hello Chti56,
    If you want to change container width to 80% than please put this css there.

        max-width: 80%;
    .site-header.default .site-branding {
        max-width: 25%;
    header.default .edm-header-menu-wrapper .edm-navigation{

    Let us know if you have any problem. Our team always ready to help you.
    Thank you

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