Moderating Food Fat Content: Your Best Cholesterol Reduction Plan

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    Another popular natural sweetener is Stevia Super Nutra Complete Review which is also from South America. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar and has zero calories. Stevia has been found to regulate blood sugar and is often sold in South America to those suffering from diabetes and hypoglycemia. Stevia is available in liquid, tablet and powered form.Wheat grass is simply a young wheat plant. It is widely consumed in liquid form today by health conscious individuals who want the concentrated source of minerals, enzymes and vitamins that wheat-grass offers. The main component that makes this juice healthy is chlorophyll. Nearly seventy percent of it is chlorophyll. Some say that a small pound of wheat-grass is equal to twenty pounds of fresh garden greens! It is any wonder that people are liquefying this grass and drinking it? Wheatgrass juice is quickly rising to the top of favorite juiced drinks.

    This juice retains most of the minerals that it picks up from the soil. These vitamins, minerals and enzymes go a long way in promoting health and repairing cell damage. It also has the ability to increase oxygenation in the human body. It builds up the red blood cells that are the carries of oxygen to the cells in our bodies. This juice can also help to purify the organs and blood while destroying toxins and boosting metabolism.

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