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    Piero Ricciarelli

    in the category pages of wooecommerce do not show the category image
    can you help me ?



    Hello, Could you please send us your website url?


    Piero Ricciarelli

    Prabin Shrestha

    Thanks for your website url. very soon we will be adding this category image feature on next update.


    Piero Ricciarelli

    I’m really disappointed !!!
    After almost 10 days you have not yet solved this problem and the serious problem of the sidebar that does not works on the wooecommerce products pages !
    If you don’t solve these 2 problems quickly I will open a complaint on Paypal !


    Piero Ricciarelli

    I’m really disappointed !
    after 10 days you have not yet solved the problems:
    1) sidebar doesn’t work on wooecommerce products pages (works only on home)
    2) Pictures on category pages of Wooecommerce doesn’t appear

    I spent money to have a Theme which is worse than the free version !!!


    Piero Ricciarelli

    And also there is this issue reported by WP:
    Your theme (Eggnews Pro) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce.



    Hello, We are very sorry about your disappointment.
    Please update the theme, it’s already updated, maybe you missed to update it. Steps to update the theme :
    1. Please go to
    2. Copy your license key from there ( you have to log in there to find the license key with your username and password )
    3. Login to your website admin panel go to appearance -> theme license and paste your License key there and save it.
    4. Then please go to Appearance->theme and click eggnews pro, you will see the notice ( it might take some time to get a notice ) about the new version of the theme.
    5. Click Update link and it’ll update to new version of the theme
    After the update, please follow the following steps to show category sider and category image:
    1. Please go to Appearance->customizer->WooCommerce->Sidebar options for sidebar and Product Category option to show category image.
    2. Check your required options there and save it.
    If you still stuck, then please let us know your access (user/password of your website ). We will do it for you.

    Themeegg Support Team


    Piero Ricciarelli

    Now is fixed and works fine
    Thank you

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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