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    Kohls coupons Disneyland all day no boo this is not that shoes when you’re doing actually things like that you want something a little more flex and give and this one it isn’t flexing or giving so this is the pretty sturdy every day going to work tight shoe if you have a desk type job or in you aren’t necessarily standing on your feet for eight hours and doing a whole lot of walking and this would be the perfect shoe for you

    you’re working out lifting weights everything’s like this this is a gym shoe that you guys are actually gonna see and there’s some retails for $85 and these are my neck Nike rx-8 with the triple mesh on them I went into a couple of different stores and tried on different pair saw this way I made sure

    kohls 30 off coupon also use Kohl’s dollar so I actually didn’t pay for these I had a hundred and ten dollars in cold dollars so the $85 on sale for 79 88-79 98 I’ll leave the information on the screen for you guys plus 25% off on that and I wanted up again this and another pair of shoes basically for free because I just use my cold dollars to pay for but let’s go ahead and take these babies out the box these are absolutely stunning when I tell

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