Toenail Removal Care

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    Because older people have greater Organic Fungus Myco Nuker Review difficulty reaching their feet they may need help with basic foot care such as nail cutting and general foot hygiene. It was recently claimed the elderly were being put on long waiting lists on the NHS which forced many to seek out private care to obtain treatment or relay on charitable organizations to either help with costs or obtain treatment. In recent years it has been claimed there was a drop of about 20% in new NHS chiropody treatment cases and in some areas of the country virtually no access at all.

    The lack of basic foot health care for the elderly can causes many other complications that may lead to restrictions to their mobility and increase the risk of dangerous falls. There have been known cases of people attempting to trim nails using garden shears or kicking brick walls to break off nails in the absence of any other means of help, support or treatment. Foot care should be universally available to anyone who needs it as per the founding principals that the NHS was based on and it has been suggested by some that chiropody should be included into the 18 weeks target waiting list currently deployed for the other areas of the NHS.

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