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Top 10 Best WordPress Accordion Plugins

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Looking for great WordPress accordion plugins for the website? There are tons of plugins and themes available on the internet. Besides this below, we have listed the top 10 best WordPress accordion plugins for the website. Accordion plugins have developed to let you create stylish, feature-rich accordion controls for your blogs. Although an efficiently crafted accordion plugin for WordPress is really surprising and fruitful. However, it can save site customizing cost. On the other hand, accordion plugins can accommodate your entire essentials content making your site engaging and eye-catching. So that it can easily attract visitors quickly.  

Moreover, if you’re expecting to get some suggestion regarding the best WordPress accordion plugins, then you are in right place. Here we discuss the best free accordion plugins briefly.

1. Accordion for WordPress

If you are searching for the best accordion plugin then it perfect for you. Accordion for WordPress is the best free WordPress plugins. It is the best search for WordPress plugins. While it is built from the brilliant team behind the WordPress software so that is the most powerful accordion plugin. Accordion for WordPress plugins helps you to make accordion for any post type, taxonomy, woo-commerce product, WordPress menu etc.

Moreover, it offers a pack of awesome features for your website to fly up high and make it a success. It can show post accordion to product accordion for woo-commerce. This accordion for WordPress plugin includes an accordion menu widget, accordion post widget and also accordion term widget. In addition, the plugin has incredible support and shortcode support. Furthermore, it is well documented, translation ready and also had multiple template support.



An accordion is yet another superb and mind blowing WordPress plugins, built with HTML and CSS3 animation. It is responsive and best free WordPress plugins. While it is responsive plugins so that it looks great on all devices. The accordion plugin is top rated and gained praising user reviews. This plugin helps you to display unlimited accordion at same page via short-code. However the plugin is more helpful, you can customize font color, background color and overall look of the accordion frontend easily.

Furthermore, the plugin is translation ready and also has a font awesome icon. Moreover, you can hide any accordion without deleting. The plugin also has drag and drop accordion sorting. On top of that, you get the privilege to add various accordion sets in the same WordPress website without any hassle.


3. WPB Accordion  Menu or Category

WPB Accordion Menu or Category is a powerful plugin which helps you to create a stunning website. The plugin has a responsive design which helps to look good on all devices. It has icon picker support both for menu and category. So, you can set up icons in accordion easily. However, the plugin allows you to show categories, custom taxonomy and menu accordion with icons.

This powerful plugin is very easy to use and it is compatible with WooCommerce or any other e-commerce plugins. Furthermore, it is developer friendly and easy to customize. Although the plugins have nice animation effects and modern flat design. WPB Accordion Menu or Category plugin work with all WordPress themes.


4. Accordion Shortcodes

Accordion shortcodes is yet another simple and classic accordion plugin. It is the best free plugin available in the WordPress. The Accordion Shortcodes plugin support multiple accordions with an individual setting in a single page. Furthermore, it has two buttons in the TinyMCE editor which make it easy to add and configure the accordion shortcodes and has no default CSS added.

Moreover, Accordion Shortcodes is a simple plugin that adds a few shortcodes for adding an accordion drop-down to your pages. The plugins only add JavaScript on pages that use the shortcodes. However, the plugins added more awesome features, fully responsive design, and support for item IDs and direct links. The simple and minimal plugin have essential features so it is the best free accordion plugins and one of the most search plugins in WordPress.


5.  Easy Accordion

Easy Accordion is another amazing plugin you’ll ever found in WordPress. As the name suggests it is easy to use and using this plugin your site looks will be stunning. The plugins have unlimited accordions and colors which makes the plugin unique and your website will get eye-catching looks. It is most suited for those who want to create a website with beautiful accordions. However, the easy Accordion plugins come with plenty of amazing features.

However, it is fully responsive and 100% mobile friendly. Furthermore, it uses the most advanced shortcode system of WordPress, super easy installation and set up. It is compatible with WooCommerce and any other E-commerce plugin. It can finely compatible with any other WordPress theme, easy to customize and developer friendly. The plugin has amazing accordion styles, it is very lightweight and minimalist, and doesn’t create any PHP error. 


6.  Responsive Accordion and Collapse

The colorful WordPress plugin has been built with Bootstrap popular frontend framework. The plugin is developed with a drag and drop builder. Moreover, the accordion plugin is shipped with a shortcode builder. You can add unlimited accordion and collapse with unlimited color. A responsive accordion is had built up with excellent accordion FAQ builder for WordPress.

Furthermore, if you need any sort of customization in the appearance of this plugin frontend, this plugin is for you and you can use it anytime. This plugin is free to use and it is the best accordion plugin ever. The plugin has font awesome icon picker, input fields to place accordion title, less file for CSS and more.


7. Accordion-Wp

Accordion-Wp is fully responsive HTML and CSS3 WordPress plugin that offers the modern and engaging user experience. This is the best option you can select for your WordPress website. The plugin is fully responsive and also have unlimited accordions anywhere in the theme. The plugin comes with 5 different themes, drag and drops accordion setting, WP editor for accordion content, custom title background color, custom title font color, custom title font size and many more.

Furthermore, the plugin is high converting and customizable. The plugin lets you add and remove an accordion item from a backend. However, it is all browser compatible, highly customized for user experience. Although the plugin also has a custom padding option. This plugin helps you to create a stunning website.


8. Nextend Accordion Menu

If you want to need to add life and style to your WordPress menu then Nextend Accordion Menu is a great option. Nextend Accordion Menu gives you complete control over menu levels, color, animation effect and more. The plugin comes with unlimited menu levels, 4 fully customizable themes and multiple skins to choose from. Moreover, the plugin used to integrated font manager with google fonts.

Furthermore, the accordion menu used widely in navigation, sliding, minimization and maximizing content. They can be expanded whenever and however needed, saving valuable space while displaying a wide range of content. It gives a powerful user navigation experience for you and your visitors.


9. Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes

This is another special, amazing and the finest free WordPress accordion plugin to add unlimited accordion and tabs with shortcodes. The plugin is a simple, lightweight and yet versatile WordPress plugin for you. This simple plugin is 100% responsive. This is a highly customizable and stylish plugin. Although you can change the look and orientation of this plugin manipulating the shortcodes attributes.

Furthermore, it is lightweight which keep your site fat free and fast loading. However, if you want to add more interactivity with tabs, vertical and horizontal accordions on your WordPress website, Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes is a good option. It has a clean shortcode generator and also a collapsible accordion. Moreover, this plugin is shipped with an eye-soothing interactive and content separator.


10. Bellows Accordion Menu

Bellows Accordion Menu is yet another highly flexible, customizable and full features WordPress menu plugin. It works with the WordPress menu system to allow you to built beautiful accordion menus for your site. Bellows Accordion Menu is a fully functional accordion menu and also have multiple submenu levels. Furthermore, Bellows is written using the WordPress menu system, so you can manage your menus via appearance>menus interface, and use all the standard WordPress menu features.

Moreover, it includes “show more” functionality, so you can cut off your submenu item list at a point of your choosing, allowing your users to expand more content at their leisure. Below Accordion Menu plugin construct and preview your menu with the menu generator. Furthermore, it works with custom post types and taxonomy and also controls and preview your bellow setting via customizer.


Wrapping Up

Above we have listed best WordPress accordion plugins for your website. You can choose your best from the above list and you can also share your own idea with us. Was this article helpful for you? Share your thoughts with us and share this article as well with your family or friends.

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