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Twitter api master released

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After some handwork and some day night coding, themeegg published Twitter API Master wordpress plugin on

The main feature of this plugin is to integrate twitter with wordpress, so webmaster can integrate their post with twitter and can show their twitter feed plus current twitter trends.

This plugin is available on, anyone can download and install from here.
The main feature of this plugin are as follows:

  1. Shortcode support for twitter trends
  2. Shortcode support for twitter feed
  3. Widget support for twitter trends
  4. Widget support for twitter feeds
  5. User can check post on twitter label (while creating new blog post). If he/she check on that checkbox then it’ll automatically post their blog post into their twitter account.

Plugin installation and configuration process.

  1. Download this plugin from and extract it into your website’s wp-content/plugins/ directory or you can directly download from your wordpress dashboard plugin section.
  2. Go to wordpress dashboard plugin section and check if there is Twitter API Master plugin exists or not.
  3. If it’s exists then you can simply activate this plugin from activate button. But if you could not find Twitter API Master on plugin menu of wordpress dashboard, please email us on, we are always ready to help you.
  4. Then, we have to configure our plugin with some twitter security key and twitter a/c name.
  5.  After then , you can see TEG Twitter menu on wordpress dashboard, click there.
  6. Go to API tab
  7. Put your twitter handle on Twitter Username section and click save.
  8. And you can see two subtabs general and other, go to other subtab and put those twitter credential and save it.
  9. You can find those credential from office twitter website, you have to create app on their website.
  10. At last, you can drag widget name Twitter Trends and Twitter feeds from widget section or you can put shortcode on post or page as like this 🙂
    For Tweet shortcode please type

    Twitter Tweets

    For Trends shortcode please type


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